(This is about erotic spankings and kink identity, as opposed to DD per se, but this is the only spanking community accepting text/link posts, so I hope it’s welcome :)

I’ve long been insecure about my spanking fetish. And this article has made me think I don’t need to be insecure about it. The author, Jillian Keenan, argues that spanking is best understood as an erotic act and not a form of parental discipline, using historical, anthropological, legal, and biological arguments. I found it convincing and quite curative. I no longer see my kink as pedophilic. I see it as stigmatized since for the last couple centuries there’s been a trend to “euphemize childhood beatings by isolating them to one specific [sexualized] body part.”

  • @AnaisRimM
    33 months ago

    This is a wonderful post and write up. Thank you! Feels like a community is really forming here.